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Chris Gonzales

Chris has over 20+ years of business and financial services experience.  This unique perspective and diverse background provide his clients with a “big picture” approach to accomplishing objectives to transcend expectations.

With an abundance of experience working with individual business owners, Chris is continuously achieving financial continuity and growth toward his client’s business goals.  Chris has helped many clients reach the pinnacle of their real estate investment portfolios with his experience in acquisitions, sales, commercial leasing, and real estate investment market.  In addition, Chris skillfully guides clients through complex commercial real estate transactions with excellent oversite skills, a vast financial background, and transactional experience.

Chris is very active in his community.  He is the Sutherland Athletic Association President, serves on the Beverly Area Planning Association Board and Economic Development committee, coach and mentor to children’s youth athletic teams and enjoys supporting other his community businesses and the parish. As an enthusiast of knowledge and learning, Chris loves sharing his business insight and financial guidance whenever he can be of assistance. With Chris one can rest assured that he takes pride in getting to know his clients and what is important to their goals and growth.